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Kyocera consolidates handset businesses, cuts 360 jobs in the process

It's only been a year since Kyocera snapped up Sanyo's cellphone business in a bid to expand its mobile empire, but it looks like the company is already being forced to reorganize its handset businesses into something leaner and, it hopes, meaner. The biggest shake-up comes in the company's U.S. offices, which will now be focused exclusively sales, support, and business development, leaving all the handset design to be done at its Kyocera Wireless and Sanyo Telecom units in Japan, which themselves will be further consolidated in an effort to "enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the combined global handset business," according to company President Rodney Lanthorne. All of that will result in the loss of some 360 jobs, most of which will come from Kyocera's operations in San Diego and Chatsworth, California, as well as its subsidiary in Bangalore, India.

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