Screen Grabs: OQO Model 2+ makes lunchtime appearance on 'Lie To Me'

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|01.30.09

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Screen Grabs: OQO Model 2+ makes lunchtime appearance on 'Lie To Me'
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Oh Brendan Hines, you're so dreamy with that scruffy beard, curly hair that just can't be tamed, and propensity to whip out random gadgets at inappropriate times on Lie to Me. In the last episode Brendan's character Eli Loker was waving OQO's Model 2+ around at lunch like a wine list, the MID playing the role of voice stress analyzer, helping the team identify whether a reclusive witness was telling the truth. No word on whether OQO plans on including such insightful software with the device when it comes to market, but we'd be telling a lie if we said we thought it would.

Update: Andrew commented to let us know the software running here is called GoldWave, which may or may not help you identify someone being untruthful, but does generate some impressive-looking 3D visuals and can be yours for $45.

[Thanks, Mike Wydra]

Screen Grabs: Intel OQO makes lunchtime appearance on Lie To Me
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