Zumba Phone: the Steorn Orbo of cellphones?

Ready for this? The BBC is reporting on a "top-secret phone" developed by a 40-person strong ejector-seat technology company -- IA Technology -- from Hereford England. The Beeb calls it, "the world's first fully accurate voice recognition system for mobile phones." A bold claim (to say the least) from seemingly nowhere. The report starts with a dramatic lead-in, "It's a secret world, much of which we can't film," before introducing us to the Zumba phone. A phone so secret that the BBC can't even show us how it works. They do manage to demonstrate how it's worn. A retro slug-on-the-ear type earpiece is removed from a thin slab sporting a display and circular dialer reminiscent of Bang & Olufsen fashionphones. The device relies upon a "100% secure" connection to an "Internet portal" (apparently called Zumba Lumba) that holds all your contacts. If the phone is lost or stolen "it is instantly useless to anyone else." A lot of hype to be sure, especially with plans to deliver the Zumba to shops before Christmas. Hit the read link for the video and let us know what you think.

Update: Ha! The site just lit up with an unreadable, elementary school design and no detail other than a whispy concept called "Natural Connecting." Some sleuthing and cross-referencing by our readers, however, seems to link Zumba CEO, Dean McEvoy, to a group of party promoters. Good luck with this Dean, the whole internet is about to be up in your shiznit.

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