Eurocom lays claim to Core i7-equipped Clevo D900F

Remember all those Clevo laptops revealed last month? While we're expecting more information at CeBIT 2009, those crazy Canadians at Eurocom have gone ahead and spilled the beans on the 17-inch D900F. As conjectured, the 11.9-pound behemoth's packing an equally-mighty Intel Core i7 processor in 2.66, 2.93 and 3.2GHz varieties. It's also got three 500GB hard drives totaling 1.5TB of space, 8GB DDR3 RAM, an NVIDIA G280 GPU, and a Blu-ray burner. Launch date is May 1, although according to Notebook Reviews we shouldn't expect to get our hands on it until Q4 2009. No word on pricing, but we suspect this powerhouse is gonna burn a giant hole in our pockets from both the inside and out.

[Via Notebook Reviews]