Samsung rumors aplenty surface in advance of MWC

We've already seen some Samsung rumors start to crop up in advance of Mobile World Congress, and it looks like the flood gates have now fully opened up, with a slew of new leaks and rumors of varying veracity now making their way across the internet. Leading the way is word from Dutch site GSM Helpdesk, which has apparently confirmed that Samsung will indeed be introducing both a 12 megapixel phone (in Photoshop form above) and an 8 megapixel handset at MWC, the latter of which will supposedly be a successor to the Innov8 and run the Symbian S60 OS, while the 12 megapixel phone will apparently be an all new handset of some sort and run Samsung's own OS. In other news, GSM Helpdesk is also reporting that Samsung will be announcing its very first Android phone within the next two weeks, which just so happens to line up nicely with MWC, although it unsurprisingly doesn't have any more details than that.

Update: Sorry for the confusion about the 16GB Omnia. Turns out it's not new at all.