Kolon's heated Sport Life Saver III makes a trip to Yellowknife totally doable

Kolon's Sport Life Saver III doesn't include any fancy extras like built-in Bluetooth, speakers or a pocket specially designed to keep old tater tots warm, but it does include an integrated heating module to keep your blood from chilling. Redesigned from the ground-up, this here coat sports a supple Gore-Tex Proshell 3L shell, a "survival kit," compass and a translucent hood. The standout feature, obviously, is the HEATEX function which provides heat of around 95 or so degrees Fahrenheit, though we're not told exactly how it's powered. Sadly, we're also left clueless when it comes to pricing and availability, but those who've been avoiding the slopes for fear of frigidness will probably pay just about anything.

[Via BeSportier]