Sony's US VAIO P ripped open in search of SIM slot

So, does the VAIO P have a SIM card slot? That's the question that the X-ACTO knife wielding crew over at Pocketables sought to answer in their most recent tear down, and the answer is, well... both yes and no (but mainly no). For those unaware, the US version of Sony's flashiest netbook reserves its WWAN for Verizon Wireless, but many have wondered whether a SIM card slot was conspicuously included. Even after ripping out a plastic blockade, it was found that the so-called SIM slot was actually not made for SIM cards, thus crushing any hopes of retroactively hooking one's machine up with AT&T / T-Mobile 3G on-the-go. Hit up the read link for some pretty brutal images of the detective work.