LeapFrog Text and Learn hands-on: look what RIM hath wrought

Congratulations, you've done it. You and your CrackBerry habit have your neglected child pining for a drab QWERTY device of his or her own to pound out emails to lil' Timmy down the street, and revise playdate scheduling up against an Exchange server. LeapFrog has filled that void in a delightfully hefty, hard-to-swallow form factor, with the new Text and Learn. It's meant for little chilluns too young to spot a crappy UI and bad ergonomics, so the primary function is pushing the letters and getting it spoken back to you. We must say, we found the lack of push data a little off-putting, and the screen glare was a bit harsh, but the spacious, responsive keyboard is really best in class. Next they'll be asking for a BlackBerry massage and matching funds for their 401k. Video is after the break.