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Palm Pre landing mid-March?

There's no shortage of disparate and sketchy launch date predictions for the Pre, but here's one with a little bit of meat to it. Boy Genius Report has a purported End Of Life list for Sprint, which lists the projected deaths of various phones, along with the planned replacement, with a bit of overlap in timing to keep things moving along smoothly. The Pre shows up as "target in-stock 3/15," replacing the Palm 755p, which is slated to fizzle out in late May. Similarly, the Palm Treo Pro is slotted for February 15th, replacing the 800w, which lines up with the phone's known launch date. Naturally, we can't vouch for the origination of this list or its accuracy, but it sounds reasonably legit, and it's the best thing we've got on a Pre launch date up until now -- and quite a bit more encouraging than the prospect of waiting until the summer.

Update: Boy Genius Report has updated its post, and says that while the March 15th launch is possible, they "wouldn't bet on it," and see a May or early June launch as more likely.