T-Mobile G1's RC33 update includes Google Latitude

Keeping frighteningly close tabs on the current locations of your friends, enemies, ex-lovers, bookies, and dealers is one of the hotter trends in the mobile space these days with products like Loopt, Whrrl, and Helio's Buddy Beacon making location-based contact tracking a breeze. Now that Google's getting into the game, though, that business model might start to dry up for everyone else -- especially considering that its so-called Latitude tech will be built into Android going forward and available for every other platform that supports Google Maps. T-Mobile has announced that Latitude will be built into the G1 starting with the RC33 maintenance release that's getting rolled out to customers this week -- and yes, granted, it's not Cupcake, but at least we have some new functionality to toy around with. And yes, we promise we won't mention virtual keyboards in this post... er, dangit. Video of Latitude in action after the break.