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Leon's OS soundbar custom built to fit your 120-inch display, drain your wallet

We didn't think that the soundbar market would one-up B&W's $2,200 Panorama model, but Leon speakers just couldn't leave well enough alone. For all the people who go to the expense of buying a flatscreen more than 100-inches big and yet can't be bothered to pick up some discrete multichannel speakers, Leon has added the OS (over-sized) soundbar to its Horizon lineup. Give Leon 3-5 days and $6,500 and it'll build your OS custom so it fits your display -- up to 120-inches wide -- in an LCR, L/R or center-only configuration. Leon says that the last install required a crane to lift the soundbar through an apartment window. We guess if you've already got a crane to get your display into the abode, you might as well make use of it for the speakers, too; but we'd recommend you skip the crane and put the $6,500 towards a nice set of speakers for real surround sound.