NPD Group says discs don't have to fear downloads... yet

Pretty much falling in line with Futuresource's predictions earlier this week, the NPD Group found that the 48-percent of respondents had purchased a DVD or Blu-ray disc, compared to 2-percent who had downloaded a movie or TV show. Download-only zealots who cry foul over the lack of titles available for purchase will find little consolation in the additional 2-percent who digitally rented content. Still, physical media could take a lesson from the new kid on the block, and we'd agree that getting rid of the numerous previews on discs to mimic the "just watch the content, already" performance of streams would be a good start. Prioritize that above including more BD-Live "features," please; based on what we've seen so far, we don't think that's going to be what really pushes people from DVD to Blu-ray, no matter what the poll numbers say.