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Acer Aspire One D150 reviewed, AT&T 3G deal 'only the beginning'

At last, after seeing it unboxed and fiddled with on camera last week, we've got out first in-depth review of the 10.1-inch Acer Aspire One D150, courtesy of Laptop. How does the Intel Atom N270-based machine fare? Excellent for its $350 price tag, although the keyboard and touchpad don't compare favorably with the pricier Eee PC 1000HE or Samsung NC10. As for battery life, the 5800mAh-rated 6-cell had a very impressive 7 hour and 57 minute runtime, which is 49 minutes longer than the 1000HE and 38 minutes over HP's Mini 2140. Of course, seeing as most consumers will end up with the 4400mAh batteries, a more likely estimate is 5 hours per charge. Additionally, the site had a Q&A session with Acer VP of Product Marketing Sumit Agnihotry, who said that $100 Aspire One with AT&T 3G deal is "only the beginning" and they're developing a plan to offer discounted laptops with an hourly-use program. There's also talk of incorporating NVIDIA's Ion platform into future computers. Hit up the read links below for the full review and more deets from Agnihotry.

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