Hark! Dell Mini 12 kitted with an SSD

Like a proclamation from On High come the words: "Rejoice! No longer do you have to put up with a slow Dell Mini 12!" The kids over at Portable Monkey have taken a good look at Mtron's 1.8-inch SSD (the inelegantly named MSD-PATA3018032-ZIF2 is going for ¥26,800 -- about $294) and not surprisingly, the thing has far out-classed the Mini 12's default 4200rpm HDD in benchmarks. On the other hand, the drive does draw a considerable bit of power, so battery life may be an issue -- and at a height of 8 millimeters (as opposed to 5 millimeters for the standard drive) some folks have had a hard time installing the thing. Are you the type of person who gets giddy at the prospect of souping up your hardware? We thought so. Hit the read link for all the juicy deets.