Plastic Logic announces content partners, open publishers platform

Plastic Logic's Reader may not be headed for mass consumption until 2010 (though certain "key customers" should see it in 2H 2009), but at least we're getting a bit of assurance that said dates won't slip yet again. Today, the outfit has formally introduced its first partners in crime: Ingram Digital (e-books), LibreDigital (e-newspapers), Zinio (e-magazines) and a direct relationship with Financial Times and USA Today. We're also told that prospective buyers (you know, ones that skip out on Amazon's hot 'n fresh Kindle 2) can expect an e-content store where readers can download all sorts of engrossing material. Speaking of which, the company has also announced the simply-titled Publishers' Program, which is completely "open" and designed for content creators, publishers and content aggregators to "create, format, sell and distribute content for easy viewing and use on the Plastic Logic Reader." More details are, of course, tucked away in the read links below.

Read - Content partners
Read - Publishers' Program