Dell's Wasabi PZ310 ZINK printer now available for $99

Not like Dell itself didn't already confirm this puppy, but the first Dell-branded, ZINK-enabled product is officially official. The Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile printer promises to produce 2- x 3-inch prints in under a minute, and users with Bluetooth-enabled handsets can send over images for printing with just a few button mashes. The sub-7 ounce device measures in at 4.8- x 2.8- x 0.9-inches, and it'll be made available in black, pink and blue hues. The middling minutiae is all posted up after the break, and those eager to get their paws on one will certainly appreciate the immediate availability and the $99 promotional price. Better hurry -- only Round Rock knows when it'll jump back up to the standard $149.

ZINK Imaging announces the fourth ZINK-enabled™ product

The innovative Dell Wasabi PZ310™ Ink-free Mobile Printer is the first product from the partnership between ZINK Imaging and Dell Inc.

Bedford MA., February 9, 2009 – ZINK Imaging, Inc. today announced the fourth product incorporating their ZINK™ Zero Ink™ Printing Technology, the Dell Wasabi PZ310™ Ink-free Ultra Mobile Printer. The Wasabi is available today online in the U.S. from Dell at

The ZINK Technology provides all of ZINK Imaging's partners, including Dell, with an ink-free technology platform from which they can launch a new generation of consumer electronics devices that are embeddable, mobile, simple to use, easy to maintain, and more respectful of the planet than any other printing alternative.

Powering these ZINK-enabled products is the award-winning ZINK Paper™. The patented ZINK Paper is an advanced composite material with embedded yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals. ZINK-enabled devices use heat to activate and colorize these crystals. The printing process is now radically simple.

The Wasabi is a pocket-sized mobile printer that produces borderless full color 2"x3" peel-and-stick ZINK Prints from a range of devices including digital cameras, camera phones, netbooks and laptop computers. Featuring a cutting edge design, the Wasabi represents the ultimate in mobility, enabling printing on-the-go, wherever you are – all in less than a minute. The product is available today in the U.S. and can be purchased at

"The Dell Wasabi is the fourth product available using the ZINK Technology, with many more on the way, including those capable of making larger prints," said Wendy Caswell, President and CEO ZINK Imaging. "The Wasabi joins the growing family of Dell products, like the Inspiron Minis, that are redefining value, personalization, and customization for connected mobile lifestyles."

About ZINK Imaging
ZINK Imaging Inc., a privately held company, was founded to enable millions of customers to enjoy the magic of ZINK™ Zero Ink™ products. ZINK Imaging invented, manufactures, and is an OEM supplier of the ZINK Printing Technology and the award winning ZINK Paper™ to partners that will bring ZINK-enabled products to market under their respective brands. ZINK Imaging's headquarters and research and development labs are in Massachusetts, with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Whitsett, North Carolina. For more information, please visit

The ZINK™ Technology and ZINK™ trademarks are owned by ZINK Imaging, Inc.

Wasabi PZ310™ is a Dell trademark.