Ford's electric Transit Connect has the power to move you -- and all your stuff

Electric vehicles are great, but they tend to be tiny, cute, and generally rather useless for people who have things that need to be taken places. That's not the case with Ford's distinctively non-cute Transit Connect, a van of the type you typically see shuttling flowers and other small goods around urban streets. This one, however, runs entirely on battery power (a first for Ford) despite being able to haul 1,760 pounds of cargo to a maximum range of 100 miles -- on the high side for your average EV but perhaps not enough for a day's worth of deliveries. No word in pricing, but expect these to start showing up at Ford dealerships sometime next year, frequently in white.

Update: Commenter ericlmccormic clued us in to the earlier Ford Ranger EV that was offered up until 2002 -- before being summarily recalled and destroyed. Big Oil conspiracy theorists take note!

Update 2: A few commenters mentioned that not all the Ranger EVs were decommissioned; some lived out their days well past 2002, happily delivering smiles to children and in no way taking part in any fuel-based schemes.