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Intel puts the freeze on notebook prices, ponders Calpella delay

We know what you're thinking. A global economic downturn can only mean one thing: savings! Perhaps, but if you were holding out for a price break on that new Intel-powered laptop, it looks like you may have a little longer to wait. According to DigiTimes, Intel is notifying its partners that it won't be cutting notebook prices before the end of May. If the report is correct, the company will start reducing the price of some notebook CPUs (including the Core 2 Duo T9600) by 13-40% in June, adjusting the launch schedule of its Calpella platform "based on its partners' inventory status and market demand." You know what that means -- no new processor, and no price cuts, not until manufacturers get rid of their current inventory. And it looks like Intel means it. Now go clean up your room or you won't get any dessert.

[Via SlashGear]