Sony Ericsson launches AB900 wireless car kit, convertible not included

We've seen Bluetooth car kits come and go -- and Sony Ericsson has sold its fair share -- let's face it, they're often a huge hassle with very little return for your dollars. The SE AB900 may change that as this portable number offers up an RDS feature that finds an empty frequency to broadcast to your car's FM stereo, lets you get at your favorite five numbers and voicemail at the touch of a button, and will even let you stream your tunes from your mobile. But wait, there's more: 26 hour talk time, 40 day standby, no installation required -- we love this bit -- and it even comes in both black and silver. While the press pictures show a winsome couple giggling as they blast through the countryside in a convertible, the jury's still out on if this little number can deliver the kind of joy they're showing us it does. One more pic after the break.