FastMac slips out three slimline USB Blu-ray drives, including a $99 reader

We'd heard of a FastMac USB external slimline Blu-ray reader poking around Macworld last month, but we never got anything official until today, when the company pinged us to let us know that the $99 APP-6907 DVD±RW / BD drive, the $299 APP-6963 1x BD-R drive and the $399 APP-6964 4x BD-R drive are now all available. All three drives support both Macs and PCs, although you'll need Windows to play BD movies. Not bad deals all around, but we're still not convinced we need a Blu-ray drive for our computers when we barely use the one in the living room.

Read - APP-6907
Read - APP-6963
Read - APP-6964