Is this a matte black iPhone? (answer: probably not) Update: more pics

So, this is sort of fun. The leaked photo above appears to be of a new iPhone back -- in matte black. Sure, we have to be highly suspicious of all kinds of purported evidence of new products in general, and we've heard enough crazy Apple rumors over the years to fill an issue of US Weekly. Regardless, this one's worth at least considering: it's got a model number, A1303, that's previously unseen, but has all the other requisite data, including FCC ID numbers, that we've grown to know and love on the back of real, actual, undoctored iPhones. Look, it's probably fake. Discuss.

Some more pics have surfaced -- check one after the break and the other at MacRumors. Seems a bit early for these sorts of leaks to us, but crazier things have happened.

[Via Electronista; thanks, Ryan]