Samsung dashes hopes for 12 megapixel phone at MWC

Okay, so a recap is definitely in order here. Merely 11 days ago, a flurry of rumors about Samsung's Mobile World Congress plans filtered out, which just so happened to include word of a 12 megapixel cameraphone. Then, the outfit itself leaked nine new models, giving just a wee bit of credence to the whispers we'd heard. Following that, we even saw a certain UK branch get ahold of one of its flagship models prior to the show, while it casually mentioned that no Android-based phones would be on display. Now, the other most awesome handset (er, rumored handset) is being squashed for a MWC debut, as Telecoms Korea has it that no dozen-megapixel phone is coming to Barcelona. No worries, though -- you'll have plenty to gawk at between the Blue Earth and the Ultra Touch S8300.

[Via Samsung Central, thanks David]