Water-powered Jetlev makes jetpacks fun for non-daredevils

We first caught sight of this bit of technology in patent form way back in 2007 but, in a bit of a twist, it's now actually come to fruition, and could well soon be hurling you across a lake near you. As you can imagine, the jetpack works as described in the patent, with it employing a flexible hose / tether that gets paired with a separate vessel that houses the propulsion engine and other related systems. That apparently greatly improves the thrust to weight ratio compared to a standalone jetpack, and makes the system a good deal safer as a bonus. While it's still undergoing tests, the company says it'll be accepting orders for the first model, a 155 HP version, in April of this year, and it says that the first venues offering "flights" could be up and running as soon as this summer. Until then, you'll just have to make do with the video after the break.

[Thanks, JC]