New "Meet Pre" video demonstrates new functionality, incredible calming effect

As you're no doubt aware, we're real suckers for Palm's Pre on tape, and this "Meet Pre" specimen hasn't yet assuaged our thirst. We suppose it's the exact type of stuff demonstrated on the video that keeps us coming back: webOS presents some new paradigms for interaction and integration, and, like the iPhone before it, will take a considerable amount of digestion to really come to terms with. Plus it's pretty. This video demonstrates a few interesting tidbits, such as a list of folks invited to a meeting and which ones will be going -- a nice integration of calendar and contacts -- and the phone is shown "sending" a webpage to a friend, which involves forwarding a link and an attached .png screenshot, perfect for mobile-to-mobile communications. Here's hoping we hear more about the phone this week at MWC... and a 3G GSM edition certainly wouldn't be unwelcome. Video is after the break.