Nokia drags more Comes With Music handsets out for Singapore launch

Slowly but surely, Nokia's Comes With Music is checking off locales on its tour around the world. Next up is Singapore, and rather than sticking to the same selection of CwM-equipped handsets as we've seen thus far, it'll be tossing in the lower-end 5320 XpressMusic and 5220 XpressMusic alongside the 5800, N96, N95 and N79. When the service and handsets launch in "the coming weeks," it'll mark the first nation in Asia to take part in Nokia's fun little all-you-can-digest music initiative. For those keeping score, this will make Singapore the first country on the planet to have access to a CwM 5800, though there's no word on how costly any of the previously mentioned mobiles will be. Patience, friends -- it's all we can count on these days.