LG gets official with 3G-equipped X120 netbook

LG was all too happy to show this one off at CES in January, but it wasn't quite ready to talk about it any sort of official manner, though it has now finally rectified that situation more than a month later at MWC. From the looks of it, the netbook seems to be unchanged from its CES iteration, with it packing a 160GB hard drive, the Splashtop-powered LG "Smart On" quick-boot interface and, we presume, the same 10-inch WSVGA display and de rigeur 1.6GHz Atom processor as before. Most notably, LG has also now confirmed that the X120 will indeed come equipped with standard 3G HSPA connectivity, which is no doubt why LG took advantage of MWC to finally get official with it. If you missed it the first time around, be sure to check out our CES hands-on for plenty of pics and a video of that quick-boot in action.

[Via Liliputing]