Nokia N86 hands-on with video!

We just messed around with Nokia's new N86, and while the form factor and feel of the device seem a little last-gen, there's no denying the camera's quality. Some of the soft button the face of the phone are a little difficult for our large fingers to press, but the d-pad is pure quality, as is the generic-looking numeric keypad -- T9ers rejoice. In traditional N-series fashion, the slide mechanism is practically perfect, with a meaty, satisfying and easy motion to it, and the general feel of the device, including the seamless glossy front, screams quality. The camera we played with seemed a little glitchy in operation -- it's still pre-production -- but the images were excellent. The LED flash won't be able to handle a large dimly lit room, but can do close-quarters indoors shots just fine, and should match up well with other high resolution shooters in the outdoor arena. The OLED screen, but it might not have been set at full brightness -- it's crisp, but not necessarily vibrant. Overall it's a "nice" handset, but somehow 8 megapixels alone doesn't seem to justify another go at this fairly dated and chubby N-series form factor -- but maybe that's just us.

Update: We bumped up the brightness and stacked the phone up against the iPhone 3G and found the N86's screen to be considerably brighter -- another win for OLED! There's also now some video after the break!