Freescale's i.MX515 netbook chip now supports Android and Xandros

When we first laid eyes on Freescale's five-core i.MX515 processor this January, we hoped it was all it claimed to be -- promising an extremely cool machine with a low power budget and a price point that'll take your next netbook down near the fabled $199 range. So far, so good: the Pegatron machines we peeped at CES fit the bill quite nicely, and now ZD Net is reporting that the Cortex-A8-based chip supports the HyperSpace instant-on OS, specially optimized 3G HSDA data modules from Option and Wavecom, and both Android and Xandros. Of course, none of this will be of any help to you if you're married to Windows -- but then again, even if you are we wouldn't really blame you for wanting a little Linux on the side. Especially if it comes in a sweet package like this.