Android Dev Phone 1 gets in on the Cupcake action early, deemed to be a little undercooked

Admit it, you want some Cupcake, but you're afraid of ditching the physical keyboard altogether. Good news for those of you who've snagged an Android Dev Phone 1, because your wish may be our command. The guys at Make have the lowdown on how to flash Cupcake to the device and experience that on-screen keyboard in all its glory. The hacked OS certainly wasn't ready for primetime, and that hotly-anticipated soft keyboard was still a little buggy -- but there is some hope for using the phone with one hand. We'll bet Google / T-Mobile keep this one in the oven a bit longer until it's ready to take on the masses, but at least we're seeing some fresh baked goodness on something other than the Magic. There's video of the Macguyver'd OS in action after the break.