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Opera's Caruso speakers bring tears, laughter

One look at the Caruso speakers from Opera Loudspeakers and you know the punchline -- sure they're fat, but will they sing? Details on what's packed in each handcrafted box is suitably sparse, as these are clearly intended for the silly-rich who want something that's expensive, showy and fits in well with the decor of the prospective owner's abode -- something keeps pulling us towards a Fifth Element Mondoshawan theme (we'll let you judge if that's good or bad). Caruso praised the four side mounted 8-inch woofers, and based on the pics, we're guessing that after that there are four 5-inch mids and five 2-inch tweets (four rearward facing). Lots of cabinetry, lots of wood and lots of money; can you say "ostentatious flagship?" Paired up with the Caruso name, the €28,000 ($35,000) sticker brings Pagliacci to our minds.

[Mondoshawan image courtesy Gung Ho Sci Fi]