San Francisco City Hall gets its own electric vehicle charging stations

It's a long way from the city-wide infrastructure that GM and others envision, but San Francisco has now at least taken one more step in that direction with three new Smartlet electric vehicle charging stations installed right outside City Hall. Those chargers, on loan from Coulomb Technologies, will be used to charge vehicles from ZipCar, City CarShare, and one unspecified "plug-in car in the City of San Francisco municipal fleet," and Mayor Gavin Newsom (an early EV1 owner himself) says he hopes they are just the first of more to come, adding that he's also talking to other Bay Area cities about purchasing additional electric vehicles for municipal fleets. In related news, AutoblogGreen also got confirmation from ZipCar that its first plug-in vehicle is in fact a one-off converted PHEV Prius designated specifically for City Hall, though it apparently didn't elaborate on any future plug-in vehicles.

[Via AutoblogGreen]