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Dell Mini 9 and 12 headed to AT&T stores?

Dell Mini 9 and 12 headed to AT&T stores?
Donald Melanson
Donald Melanson|@donmelanson|February 20, 2009 7:09 AM

You can already get an HP Mini netbook or a Sony VAIO P not-a-netbook up and running on AT&T's network with relative ease, but it looks like your options could be about to get more convenient still, at least if this seemingly authentic screen courtesy of The Boy Genius Report is any indication. Apparently, both Dell's Mini 9 and Mini 12 netbooks will be finding their way into AT&T stores at some point in the not too distant future, although there's unfortunately no indication of an exact date or price. As the Boy Genius speculates, however, it seems likely that they'll be at least somewhat competitive with the $99 that Verizon will be asking for the HP Mini 1000 on a two-year data card plan, which will apparently be available sometime in May.

[Via Electronista]
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