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T-Mobile's webConnect USB modem launching March 25?

By all accounts, it looks like T-Mobile USA will be offering the Huawei-sourced webConnect USB Laptop Stick, starting March 25 -- but there's a catch: according to some internal documentation, it'll only be available to existing customers. In other words, go ahead and get ready to sign up for a T-Mobile phone if you want T-Mobile data, because it looks like they're trying to scam two lines of service out of anyone wanting in on the action. Perhaps more notable is the fact that service will run $59.99 monthly, which will give you the same 5GB AT&T and Verizon give you for the same price. You get HotSpot access for that rate, but still, T-Mobile's historically been known for undercutting the big guys -- wouldn't it have been great to see this go for $49.99 instead?

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]