General Mobile: "Mini And Sweat In My Hands"

The big news out of General Mobile at MWC was that Touch Diamond-alike DSTL1 running Android and a pair of SIM slots, but to think that's all they brought to the table would be... well, downright foolhardy. For one, they brought along the pictured DST 250, a "Slider" and "Double SIM" mobile phone of the world, which may or may not cause your palms to sweat depending on how you hold it. They also brought along a couple Nokia Supernova knockoffs, an 8800 rip, and a few anonymous bars and sliders (or rather, "Sliders") that look ready to do battle in the tricky low-end market. Fortunately, they were located several halls away from Espoo's outpost, so the odds of a tussle were kept to a minimum.