MyRacer's lisse T10 PMP subtly takes a hint from iriver's SPINN

MyRacer's lisse S10 was too simple to really attribute any level of knockoff status to it, but there's little doubt that the company's lisse T10 took a lesson or two in design from iriver's SPINN. For whatever reason, the SPINN seems to be quite popular in the KIRF circuit, and while the T10 is still different enough to keep it from being the next in our growing list of blatant rips, we're definitely not giving MyRacer any innovation credits here. All that aside, this here PMP is said to feature a 2.8-inch display (320 x 240), 2GB / 4GB of internal capacity, support for a litany of audio and video file formats, a built-in FM tuner and recorder, a text reader and support for an undocumented list of "games." There's no word on a price or release date, but we wouldn't count on it drifting far from its home nation of South Korea.

[Via DAP Review, thanks Michael]