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Apple Disk ][ enclosure used to house Mac mini, enhance lives

We're still debating whether or not a new Mac mini really is just around the bend, but one thing's for sure -- this version is the gnarliest we've ever seen of the current iteration. In an exercise that will undoubtedly go down as one of the most incredible Apple mods of all time (okay, so we only partly believe that), Sir Charles Mangin has managed to squeeze a Mac mini into a ridiculously old disk ][ enclosure. Best of all, he even managed to align the single slot with the DVD drive in the mini, giving it a totally seamless look from the outside. We know, this will only serve to drive the secondhand prices of disk ][ cases through the roof, but at least you've found a new reason to love the mini that has served you so well for so long, right?

[Via technabob]