Kogan shows off Agora prototype, promises retail model will be way cooler

So, what's up with Kogan these days? It's just been a few weeks since the Australian shop went back to the drawing board with its Android-based Agora series, but Ruslan Kogan himself is talking up big plans for the redesigned version -- whenever it gets around to launching. According to Gizmodo Australia, Kogan says he wants the retail Agora to feature a 3.8-inch full touchscreen in concert with Cupcake's virtual keyboard place of the physical portrait keyboard he'd originally envisioned; cool, yes, but sadly, he'll have to play second fiddle to the Magic at this point. In the meantime, he's carrying around his original prototype, which looks... shall we say, not ready to ship. Then again, a hand-built Android set is better than no set at all, eh?