LG and Samsung sue Kodak after Kodak sues Samsung and LG

LG, Samsung and Kodak have already gotten themselves into quite a legal tangle, but things have really come full circle in the last few days, with both Samsung and LG filing suits at the International Trade Commission over some alleged patent infringment on Kodak's part. This, of course, follows Kodak's complaints that both Samsung and LG were infringing on its patents, which the ITC is now apparently investigating in full. As you might expect, however, details on the patents involved, and any other specifics, are fairly light all around, but Kodak did manage to get a shot in at Samsung, saying that its latest filing is just a "retaliatory tactic and we intend to vigorously contest Samsung's claims." No word of a squabble between Samsung and LG just yet, though the two aren't without their past tensions.

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