USA #1 in broadband, time to start making bumperstickers!

Great news, Americans! Despite all the naysayers with their "evidence" otherwise -- pointing out that South Korea has more broadband connections than we do, or that in some countries speeds are better than they are here -- the United States has come out at the head of the class. And that's before the government rolls out the "broadband stimulus" bonanza. According to Leonard Waverman (the dean of the prestigious Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary), Americans are not only the most productive users of connectivity, but our government's use of IT is as good as it is anywhere. Additionally, writes Saul Hansell in the New York Times, 57 percent of people in the country now have access to broadband, 9 percent have dial-up Internet access, 9 percent log on at work or at a library but not at home, and some 25 percent don't use the Internet at all -- one of whom said, "what do you want the Internet for? It's a fad -- just like CB radio in the '70s."