Kogan promises Linux netbook in "weeks," we have our doubts

Ruslan Kogan, the Australian who built up our hopes only to let them down recently with his make believe Agora, is back with more outlandish promises, and for whatever reason, we think he actually expects us to just believe him this time. During a recent interview, Kogan noted that he would like to be taking orders for a Linux-based netbook that he designs and specs in as little as "two to two and a half weeks." He's expecting to sell the 10-inch machines for around $529 to $539, which will buy you an Intel Atom processor, 160GB of HDD space, 1GB of RAM and a decent amount of magical pixie dust, we imagine. In related news, Kogan's also hoping to have OLED TVs out within just a few months and region-free BD decks shortly thereafter. See, our skepticism isn't that unwarranted, now is it?