Microsoft gets big support for Mobile Broadband enhancements in Windows 7

Just in case Microsoft hadn't locked down enough support for Windows Mobile at MWC last week, the company also managed to shake hands with a slew of PC makers in order to extend support for Mobile Broadband enhancements within Windows 7. It's still quite unclear what all this means, but we're guessing that the likes of Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Fujitsu will happily support WWAN modules from Huawei, Option, Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless and ZTE. The writeup also gives us reason to believe that WWAN connections will be more tightly integrated than before, possibly even showing up alongside potential WiFi hotspots when looking for a wireless connection. At any rate, we're all about getting a signal regardless of location, so we'll take this as a definite positive despite the glaring dearth of details.

[Thanks, Jacob]