More details on Comcast's On Demand Online internet TV offering

We heard late last week that Time Warner Cable and Comcast were looking to bring more online content to their loyal customers, and now the latter is bursting at the seems to tell us more. The company pinged us to say that "essentially, it is working with programmers (cable networks) to try to bring more content that is currently not online to the web," and while it's obviously early in the process, the initiative is being called On Demand Online for now. Basically, it's about bringing on-demand content to the web, and ultimately, anywhere you want to watch. Comcast will be utilizing technology from thePlatform, and while it's not going into detail just yet, it seems pretty stoked about the challenge of bringing new content to the web. We only hope that this doesn't slip into any sort of "exclusive" deal that limits content that would've otherwise been shot for free to all, but we guess only time will tell.

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