Ask Engadget: Best first-wave pico projector?

While many pico projectors are still in the oven, quite a few of the early ones have made their way out. We know, 720p versions just have to be around the bend, but since when did you start ditching the first-gen and just waiting around? Check Mark's question:

"What is the best currently available pico projector? I'm looking for one that supports the greatest number of image / video formats, has the best brightness and contrast ratios, reasonable on-board storage, is good for still and moving images, and has the longest rechargeable battery life. Are there any projectors on the horizon that promise to be sufficiently better than the currently-available models to warrant me waiting for the next wave?"

Go on, early adopters -- help this guy out. Do you dig your current pico PJ? Has it lived up to the hype? After sharing your input, feel free to toss us an inquiry of your own at ask at engadget dawt com.