ATI Radeon RV740 prototype 40nm video card gets reviewed, loved on

The Guru of 3D (not an actual guru, by the way) got its hands on a prototype ATI Radeon RV740 video card, and has been kind enough to put the thing through its paces. This is the company's first 40nm video card and while the review should all be taken with a grain of salt -- being "done with beta drivers and an early engineering sample board" -- preliminary results are quite positive. The card performs "fairly close to a Radeon HD 4850," something you don't often hear about in cards retailing for less than a hundred bucks. In fact, the reviewer was so taken by the card's performance at this price point that he predicts that this thing will be responsible for nothing less than "another shift in current mid-range pricing." But don't wait until the April release date to see this thing in action -- hit the read link for the big review.

[Thanks, Weston]