Does the death of KURO signal the end of the plasma?

It's kind of amazing, really. Not even a year ago, Pioneer was busy pimping its second-gen KURO, and by and large, everyone that witnessed one in person came away impressed. So, if Pioneer's plasmas were so spectacular, how on Earth did we find ourselves asking if PDPs even have a future beyond 2010? Not long after the economy began to soften, LCDs began to catch up. Sure, a side-by-side test would likely show that an Elite KURO has deeper blacks than the average LCD, but as GigaOM points out, the average consumer was beyond the point of caring. Since the beginning of this year, we've already seen two plasma players drop out completely, and one must wonder how long those other guys will keep holding on. Is the death of the KURO the tipping point for plasma? We'd love to think otherwise, but our gut is leaning to "yes." What say you, dear readers?