Microsoft Surface on sale this June... on board a Lazzara yacht

You heard right, folks. There's absolutely no need to wait until 2011 in order to buy yourself a personal Surface. Instead, you can grab one of Microsoft's multitouch phenomenons this June, but there's just one tiny catch: it comes attached at the waist with a multi-million dollar yacht. Down at the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show this month, Lazzara Yachts showcased its soon-to-be-released LMC 76, which -- coincidentally enough -- comes loaded with a Surface along with software from Infusion Development. The boat (and by extension, the Surface) should be ready to take on the open seas in just a few months, but there's no indication yet on exactly how many New York banks you'll have to rob in order to make it happen. If you need some encouragement on turning to the dark side, a hands-on demo video is just past the break.

[Via Beyond | IT, thanks Roy]

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