GOG in the Machine: Duke Nukem 3D, more Apogee on the way

Week after week, Good Old Games bring us a bountiful list of memories from our childhood. This week the company's bringing not just Duke Nukem 3D for $5.99, but the announcement that Apogee Software has agreed to distribute through GOG's digital distribution platform. (Wait, does that mean Commander Keen as well?!)

From what GOG has confirmed with us, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Blake Stone: Planet Strike, and Rise of the Triad: Dark War are all in the queue for "the upcoming weeks." (So, no Commander Keen then, eh?) If you'd like a refresher on how hilarious and ridiculous hilarculous the Duke can be, check out the modern-classic Duke Nukem Trilogy trailer from last year's E3 after the break.

[Thanks, Brent]