Sony's Howard Stringer consolidates power as president resigns

If you thought Sony's economic woes and unprecedented layoffs would bring an end to Sir Howard Stringer's reign at Sony, think again. It's Sony president, Ryoji Chubachi, that will step down in April leaving Sir Howard to take over the presidency in addition to his current roles as chairman and CEO. Chubachi will become a vice chair while Stringer takes direct control of Sony's core electronics division. Don't let us down Howie.

Update: Additional details have emerged following a Sony press conference. Sony electronics will be organized into two main groups: (1) the Networked Products and Services Group, lead by PlayStation boss (and our buddy) Kaz Harai, will consolidate Sony's PlayStation console, VAIO PCs, Walkman audio products, new mobile products and Media Software and Services to ensure a common platform with access to the PlayStation Network, and (2) the New Consumer Products Group, under Hiroshi Yoshioka, that will unite Sony's Bravia televisions with its digital imaging, home audio, and video business. All of which reports direct to Stringer.