Nokia laptop a Snapdragon or Atom-based netbook?

Adding further fuel and confusion to the Nokia laptop fire sparked by yesterday's comments from CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasuvo, we have DigiTimes reporting that Nokia is actively seeking Taiwanese manufacturing and design partners for its netbook -- a very specific laptop form-factor. DigiTimes' sources wag their gossipy fingers in the direction of Compal and Foxconn (aka, Hon Hai Precision Industry) as the two most likely joint design manufacture (JDM) partners. However, instead of an ARM Cortex A9 Sparrow-powered device as speculated by Mobile-Review, DigiTimes claims that Nokia is developing a netbook powered by either Qualcomm's Snapdragon (currently based around the ARMv7 architecture used in the ARM A8 Cortex CPU) or Intel's Atom platforms. Of course, we could be looking at multiple form-factors from Nokia (MIDs, Netbooks, and laptops) in harmony with their successful approach to the mobile phone market.

Update: The chipset rumors are actually more closely aligned than they appeared at first glance. Mobile-Review said the Nokia's Sparrow-based device wouldn't ship until 2011 -- that's plenty of time for ARM-based Snapdragon to adopt the Cortex A9 processor.