Sony and RealD link up for 4K 3D cinema, our eyes weep for joy

Whoa, Nelly. This is getting serious. As 3D looks to infest each and every cinema it can, Sony has just inked a potentially ginormous agreement with 3D guru RealD that will provide "3D digital cinema systems that combine a single Sony 4K projector and its new 3D dual lens adapter with RealD technology." In other words, you could soon be seeing 3D cinema through a 4K projector, which just might lead to your head exploding from visual overload. The agreement makes mention of a "specially designed optical filter tuned for the projector, resulting in the ability to deliver crisp 3D images to screens up to 55 feet in width." Also, the relationship makes it possible for existing 2D installations to be upgraded with 3D capabilities, and honestly, even we're excited about 2K of 3D resolution per eye.